WinX DVD Player

WinX DVD Player 4.0.0

Region-free player for DVD, audio and other files


  • Great audio and video quality
  • Supports a large range of files
  • Takes screenshots and has bookmark function


  • Ugly interface
  • Limited configuration options
  • Irritating registration messages
  • No help file

Not bad

WinX DVD Player is a basic-looking DVD player that nonetheless provides great quality sound and video and supports a wide range of formats.

WinX DVD Player has all the functions that you would expect of a DVD player and is controlled via the floating toolbar or by right-clicking on the screen itself. Language and menu options are also accessible from within the interface and the DVD Player can be used for bunches of file types, including AVI, DIVX, WMV, RM, RMVB, XVID, MPEG, VOB, DAT, ASF, MP3, WMA and RMA.

WinX DVD Player doesn't just stop there, however, and includes other functions that you wouldn't normally find on a DVD player, such as the option to bookmark specific parts of your film so that you can go back to them later, take screenshots from within the program and create playlists. In addition, the audio and video quality provided by WinX DVD Player is pretty high quality.

Unfortunately, WinX DVD Player has so many points against it that it's hard to see it in a positive light. Installation was buggy, the registration message is irritating, the floating toolbar doesn't disappear when watching in full screen mode, there is no information when you hover over options (meaning you don't know what you are clicking before you do it), and last, but certainly not least, WinX DVD Player is arguably unattractive.

A good DVD player can be hard to find, but WinX DVD Player is probably not the answer to your prayers.

User reviews about WinX DVD Player

  • Kun Agüero

    by Kun Agüero

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    Its normal player..
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  • by Anonymous

    amazing dvd player software.
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  • by Anonymous

    Firm did not sends incorrect registration info.
    Terrible support as of Feb 2012 - can't get the registration pro...   More