Snapper 2.5

Great way to work with audio files


  • Quickly work with audio
  • Many ways to export
  • Handles all sound formats


  • Interface looks a little outdated
  • Very expensive

Very good
Snapper is an unassuming yet powerful little application to work with your audio files.

The application displays the wave form of any audio file you select and you can play it back to work through the audio, if you're looking for a specific section. Those of you who have worked with audio files before know how much easier having a wave form allows you to study and edit an audio file.

Snapper seems to be particularly useful to check an audio file quickly before opening it up in Pro Tools. However, you can also use the program to send a file by mail and convert it to any format, such as MP3, WAV or AIFF. You can even convert it into separate L and R files for more precise sound editing.

What really makes Snapper attractive though is the fact that it can handle 50 different popular audio formats.

The only gripes we could have with it is that the interface looks a little outdated, especially for an application that can be run on Leopard, and that, at $79, its a fairly expensive application.

Despite the poor interface, Snapper is an excellent tool to preview any audio file in wave format and convert it to another format.

Snapper supports the following formats

Snapper opens over 50 sound file formats. That includes compressed files, split stereo, 192 kHz, 5.1 surround files, red book audio, cds and movies containing audio. It shows loops, markers, timestamps, regions, BWF annotations, even album covers.

When you select an audio file in the Mac Finder, Snapper immediately appears right beneath the current window, showing you the wave form. Hit the space bar or double-click in the wave form to play. Or use auto-play to start playing the moment you select the file. Vari-speed is available too.

In the Snapper wave form you can select a part of the sound file and:

  • drag it out, to create a new file.
  • upload it to your Pro Tools cursor.
  • turn the selection into an mp3 file.
  • split stereo files into separate .L and .R files or vise versa
  • convert to mp4 and attach it to an email in one go.
  • export to AIFF, WAV, BWF, mp3, or m4a.



Snapper 2.5

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