A blogging alternative to Tumblr


  • Import your contacts from a variety of different sources
  • Neat map adding feature
  • Easily editable themes


  • Essentially the same as Tumblr with less users
  • Very few themes from which to choose
  • Difficult to search out other users

Not bad

Publr is a simplistic blogging platform that lets you share a lot of different types of media across the web.

If you've ever used the popular micro-blogging platform Tumblr, Publr's interface will be quite familiar to you. It's almost an exact copy, just with different colors. Once your account is created, you can choose a theme, as well as create a profile with basic information about yourself. Uploading an avatar is also pretty simple.

In terms of blogging, Publr's got everything Tumblr has. This includes the ability to publish text, quotes, a conversation between two people, images, video and links. In addition, you can also create a map by typing in an address, which is a neat feature even Tumblr doesn't have.

Since there are social networking aspects to Publr, you also have the ability to follow other Publr users and keep track of their blog posts in a few simple clicks. The only real problem is that there don't yet seem to be many people using this new micro-blogging platform! If there are, there's also no easily discernible search feature to find them.

Tumblr also offers hundreds of free blog themes to revolutionize the layout of your own personal space, while Publr currently only offers four. If you're good at coding you could potentially make your own but if not, you might just be out of luck. Unfortunately, Publr pretty much just seems to be a carbon copy of Tumblr, without the loyal user base or the richness of layout options.

If you're looking for an alternative to Tumblr, give Publr a try, but don't expect the vast amount of users that exist on the more established Tumblr platform.


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