A browser with integrated Twitter and Facebook


  • Nice Chromium minimal interface
  • Facebook and Twitter integration
  • Fast


  • Feed Bar is a bit bulky
  • No chat integration


Important Note: Since late 2011, Flock has been discontinued therefore there is no download link. However, it may return at a future date.

Flock is a web browser based on Google Chrome which integrates Facebook, Twitter and Youtube into your browsing.

Flock used to be based on Firefox 3, but the move to Chrome has meant improved speed, along with the clean minimalism that defines Google's open source browser.

Flock has now pared down the social integration to three services, which makes it more focused. The social bar on the right of Flock shows updates from Twitter and Facebook. It can be closed at the touch of a button, and you can update your statuses from both the sidebar and a button next to the address bar.

If you use Facebook and Twitter a lot, being able to update and respond to tweets and wall posts without opening a new browser tab is useful. Click on a tweet, and a neat bubble pops up where you can reply, retweet or direct message the user.

Facebook posts are treated in the the same way. While Flock is functional, it's not perfect. The sidebar is bulky, meaning you won't want to keep it open while you're browsing. Flock also fails to integrate other Facebook features like Chat. You can add RSS feeds too, but this can make the feed bar extremely busy!

Firefox fans may mourn the move to Chrome, but it has made Flock a cleaner, more efficient social browser. However, it's not quite got the integration perfected yet.

Fixed the Facebook login detection issue.


  • Fixed the Facebook login detection issue.



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