All The Right Type

All The Right Type Plus 3

Learn how to type and have fun at the same time


  • Fun for all ages
  • Takes hard work out of teaching for teachers
  • Uses tried and trusted classroom methods


  • Slow at changing from task to task
  • Task can get repetitive
  • Graphics are generally poor

Master touch type is one of the most valuable things you can learn to do if you work in front of a PC all the time.

All The Right Type 3 Plus is a fun way for to do exactly that set in a space-age scenario and a futuristic campus that you might expect The Jetsons would study at. According to the developers, All The Right Type has been adopted in classrooms across the USA because it uses uses tried and tested classroom teaching methods to develop typing skills. All The Right Type instructs students on everything from realistic posture and finger positions to shortcuts to speeding-up your typing.

For teachers, All The Right Type is a very useful resource because it allows you to print certificates and awards for achievement and you get special effects when your student completes a task successfully. All The Right Type encourages students work at their own pace and also automatically grades and monitors students on their progress without the teacher having to be looking over their shoulder all the time.

The graphics in All The Right Type are not exactly great but that's not really what this program should be judged on. What All The Right Type does do, is entertain students while improving their typing skills which is the main thing.

Students of all abilities will find this fun while teachers can sit back and let All The Right Type do the hard work.

All The Right Type


All The Right Type Plus 3

User reviews about All The Right Type

  • by Anonymous

    it's the very best.
    did it @ school and know i can type like a pro i love` it and will give it too my kids..   More