Listen to great music mixes online


  • Browse mixes by genre or popularity
  • Comment on other users' mixes
  • Create your own mix in a few simple clicks
  • Downloadable song uploader available for Macs


  • Creating playlists requires you own the songs


8tracks lets you listen to user-made songs online and connect with a community of music lovers.

Remember the days before MP3 players, where people would make mix tapes or CDs when they wanted some variety in their musical lives? 8tracks brings back the memories with a simple but addictive idea that lets users create their own playlists and share with others.

Similar to Last.fm and Pandora Radio, 8tracks lets you create a profile and search for playlists to listen to based on genre or what's popular by week or month. Then, just plug in your headphones and enjoy. If you like what you're listening to, compliment the 8tracks member in the comments feature below each playlist.

You can also create your own playlists with a minimum of 8 songs per list. Unfortunately, you have to have a copy of the song available on your computer in .mp3 or .m4a format in order to upload the song to the site. If you're a Mac user, it's even easier, as 8tracks has a downloadable uploader that allows you to click and drag songs from your iTunes library to be uploaded in a few simple clicks.

8tracks is a great way to find new music and just generally rock out on the web.

8tracks supports the following formats

.mp3, .m4a


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