Twitter purchases Cover, the contextual lock screen replacement

Twitter purchases Cover, the contextual lock screen replacement

Cover, the Android lock screen replacement has been purchased by Twitter. Cover learned your behaviors based on location and offered relevant apps on your lock screen.

Cover for AndroidHowever, Twitter isn’t planning to take over your home screen as Cover is stopping development of the app. The app will remain available to download in the Play Store in its current state but no updates are planned.

Twitter isn’t the first to try embedding itself into core Android features. Last year, Facebook launched Home, a replacement launcher for select Android phones. Home failed to convince users to live entirely within Facebook’s vision of Android.

Yahoo! purchased the contextual lock screen replacement, Aviate at the beginning of the year. In contrast to Twitter’s Cover acquisition, Yahoo! continues to develop Aviate and has added new features.

It remains to be seen what Twitter will do with Cover’s technology.

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